Admission Information

All round education is as much concerned with training of character as with acquisition of knowledge, honesty, hard work and discipline. This is as important as learning academic subjects. It is therefore necessary and essential that every student of Kibuli Secondary School shall abide by the School Rules and Regulations.
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Brief Highlight of School Rules and Regulations: All the following are Grave offences

  1. Homosexuality of any nature
  2. Academic Indiscipline: dodging classes, missing notes, examination malpractice, dodging tests,homework and assignments
  3. Failure to do the right thing at the right time
  4. Insolence to any member of staff or student leader
  5. Failure to take good care of your possessions
  6. Romantic relationships of any nature
  7. Being in possession of weapons, alcoholic and narcotic equipment
  8. Leaving the school campus without permission
  9. Stealing or Possession of stolen property

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