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Motto: "The Diplomats"

The most prominent house, the overall winner & holds the 2012 Music, Dance and Drama and the 2014 Nkobazambogo trophy. Africa house has the 2015 annual Quran Competitions trophy. It is represented by 'Blue color'

Mr.Kirunda Ismail is Africa House Master.

Motto: "The Flying Eagles"

Agakhan house was named in honour of the 'Agakhan Group' who built the girls hostel. It holds the 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014 overall sports championship trophies.

The house is represented by the 'Green' color. Mr.Ssekimwanyi Rashid is Agakhan House Master.

Motto: "The Giants"

Luwangula house is represented by the yellow color.It holds the 2011 overall sports and MDD trophy.

House Master: Mr.Rufungura Imran Ally.

Motto: "The Hissing Cobras"

Kakungulu house was named in honor of the late prince Badru Kakungulu who donated 80 hectares of land where Kibuli secondary is located.

Kakungulu house holds the 2012 Quran Competitions trophy, 2014 & 2015 Nkobazambogo competitions.

It is represented by the 'Red Color'.House Master: Mr.Senkubuge Paul

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