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Career: "The Annual Careers Day"

The ultimate goal of career guidance is for young people to leave school with:

  1. a developed sense of self-awareness
  2. an awareness of opportunities
  3. the ability to make decisions and plans
  4. the ability to take action.

The Careers office at Kibuli Secondary School; performs the following duties among others;

helping students choose subjects talking to students about careers working with students for specific purposes (eg CV and interview preparation, how to look for jobs) ensuring career-related information is easily accessible to students speaking to form classes being involved with career-related activities in the classroom organising career events (e.g careers evenings, trips to career expos) working with parents, teaching and guidance staff compiling student reports for other agencies (eg university hostels).


Da'wah in Islam is actually an order from Allah in His Holy Qur'an in a number of places. Let us consider one: "Kuntum khairan ummatin ukhrajat linaasi tawmaruna bil maruf wa tan anna anhil munkar." You are the best of people raised up, for you call to all that is right and righteous and you forbid the evil, and you believe in Allah. [Qur'an 3:110]

Kibuli Muslim Students Association, KAMSA is a students led body that runs Islam and Dawa in the School, it is headed by a chairperson.KAMSA governs all Mosque programs on the days schedule.

Other Religions at Kibuliss"

Kibuliss is a Muslim School that allows coexistance of Religions. The School allows free admission of other religious such as catholics, born_agains, protestants, etc. Non_Muslim students are organised in Kibuli Christian students association, KCSA. KCSA holds fellowships every evening and Sunday mornings. KCSA is headed by a Bishop and Pope.

Study trips"

The school organises Annual Geography and Biology trips to western Uganda.The study trips are intended to expose students to the physical features and nature.

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