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Academic Report Verification

Message from the DOS

Welcome to our Academic report verification module.To verify your child's academic report,you need to enter the code on the report card,the student ID and then click search.

Report Verification.

Welcome parents, gurdians, and learners to our Online verification of academic reports. As we embrace the newly published curriculum, the school is taking extra effort ensuring that we avail tools that will make it seamless for you to access and track learner progress.

For now, all S3 through S6 Reports for 2022-TERM1 are available online and at school. S1 and S2 reports can be picked at school. We're working on uploading those report cards for S1 and S2 at a later date.


  1. Please Provide the first four digits of the learner's student identifications (id).
  2. Provide the academic term (already populated for you)
  3. Provide the learner's class
  4. Press the verify button
  5. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat (the program needed to display the report card), please read the text/message that will be displayed. Follow the instructions by clicking the "here" link to display report in your browser window.

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