Kibuli Secondary School


Our SCHOOL is situated on Kololo Hill, Kawalya Kaggwa Plot 21 Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.
The School opened on 22 July 2001, with 9 students. It was started with a two-fold purpose: To provide high quality education, through innovation, positive influence, teamwork and self discipline; guided by the principles of professionalism, commitment and excellence. Secondly, To be a World-Class centre of Academic, Spiritual and Moral Excellence.

Under Dr. Wamala Rashid, the school’s founder, the school emphasized a system of free discipline. During class hours, students would be without supervision. Dr. Wamala Rashid felt that the rigid supervision of the students’ spare time activities would be detrimental to their character development.[citation needed] The school thus developed a liberal tradition at the very time of its inception, and 10 years later, the tradition has been maintained. The school started with 4 classes. I.e from S1 to S4

The school became known in 2006 after being the BEST performing school in the country at the Ordinary level. They registered 103 First grades out of 104 Students who sat for the National exams.

In 2013 the school had many Old students who had occupied important positions in the civil service, society and pre-independence politics the school was granted ‘A’ Level status, thus becoming a fully-fledged ‘A’ Level boarding school.

This is my mission

School Vision:
This is our School Vision

Core Values:

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