Kibuli Secondary School

 CategoryMentorship Type
1COUNSELINGBoarding School Lifestyle Counseling sessions
2COUNSELINGDepression or Anxiety Counseling Sessions
3COUNSELINGFamily related and Lifestyle Counseling Sessions
4COUNSELINGLoss of a Family Member or Members
1GUIDANCEAdolescence Mentorship and Life Coaching
2GUIDANCEAdvanced Career Sessions and Life Coaching
3GUIDANCEBasic Career Discussions and Guidance
4GUIDANCEElementary Career Discussions
5GUIDANCEMentorship for International Students
6GUIDANCEMovitation Mentorship and Guidance

Contact Information

  • Kibuli Secondary School
    P.O. BOX 4216 Kibuli Hill
  •  Tel:0414-257339/